Indianapolis traffic graph

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Last 24 hours on our Indianapolis peering fabric. #keeptrafficlocal #Indianapolis #peering #interconnection #ix #internetexchange

Welcome AS6939 to Cleveland

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We want to welcome Hurricane Electric AS6939 to our Cleveland peering fabric #peering #keeptrafficlocal #h5 #ohio #cleveland

Texas-IX announces new node inside H5 100 Taylor in San Antonio

By jwilson FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE                                    Contact: Texas-IX                                                                                             Phone: 317.644.2224e-mail: Texas IX announces new node in San Antonio.Texas-IX announces node inside 100 Taylor [San Antonio Texas, November 2020] Texas-IX announces an extension of their Texas peering fabric to the H5 Data Centers facility at 100 Taylor in San Antonio Texas.Texas-IX has expanded it’s internet exchange fabric…

Indianapolis Information

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Anchor Locations733 West Henry Street – Lifeline Data Centers401 North Shadeland – Lifeline Data Centers Node Locations731 West Henry – 365 Data Centers Remote Peering701 West Henry – Data Bank Peering InformationPeeringDB Entry for IndianapolisUntagged Vlan by defaultRoute Server 1 IPV4: Server 2 IPV4: Route Server 1 IPV6:2001:504:45:f3e8::2Route Server 2 IPV6: 2001:504:45:f3e8::3

Facility Spotlight: H5 Cleveland

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FD-IX has an on-net Internet Exchange node inside the H5 Datacenter at 1625 Rockwell Ave, Cleveland, OH. Our peering fabric currently has 1 Gig and 10 Gig peering ports available. Higher capacity ports are available at the customer’s request. Our PeeringDB link can be found at You can learn about the facility at: #Cleveland…