Texas-IX announces new node inside H5 100 Taylor in San Antonio

By jwilson

www.texas-ix.co FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE                                    Contact: Texas-IX                                                                                             Phone: 317.644.2224e-mail: peering@fd-ix.com Texas IX announces new node in San Antonio.Texas-IX announces node inside 100 Taylor [San Antonio Texas, November 2020] Texas-IX announces an extension of their Texas peering fabric to the H5 Data Centers facility at 100 Taylor in San Antonio Texas.Texas-IX has expanded it’s internet exchange fabric…

Fiber Data Internet Exchange (FD-IX) announces expanded space in St. Louis.

By jwilson

[St. Louis, Missouri October 2020] In a partnership with Netrality, Fiber Data Internet Exchange (FD-IX) has expanded our hosting capacity in the St. Louis market including 210 Tucker and 900 Walnut. FD-IX, through a partnership with Netrality, has increased our space footprint at both the 210 Tucker and 900 walnut facilities.  By doing this, FD-IX…

Internet Society Brief on Internet Exchange points

By jwilson

Internet exchange points are physical locations where different networks connect to exchange Internet traffic via common switching infrastructures. They are a key part of the Internet ecosystem and represent a vital way to increase the affordability and quality of connectivity in local communities. IXPs usually are dispersed across countries to enable local networks to efficiently…

Reaching us by telephone

By jwilson

We have recently updated our phone tree. You can reach us via phone at 463.209.7100 or 317.644.2224 for those of you used to that number. As always you can contact us via the web at https://fd-ix.com or e-mail at helpdesk@fd-ix.com

Indianapolis Information

By jwilson

Anchor Locations733 West Henry Street – Lifeline Data Centers401 North Shadeland – Lifeline Data Centers Node Locations731 West Henry – 365 Data Centers Remote Peering701 West Henry – Data Bank Peering InformationPeeringDB Entry for IndianapolisUntagged Vlan by defaultRoute Server 1 IPV4: Server 2 IPV4: Route Server 1 IPV6:2001:504:45:f3e8::2Route Server 2 IPV6: 2001:504:45:f3e8::3

Member news: Smithville launches expansion

By jwilson

SHARPSVILLE, IN — A new gigabit era arrived in Tipton and southern parts of Howard counties in August, when Smithville, a national Top 100 Broadband company based in southern Indiana, lit up the first of more than 500 homes with fiber-based internet, according to Darby McCarty, CEO and chairman of Smithville. Lt. Gov. Suzanne Crouch, along with…

Facility Spotlight: H5 Cleveland

By jwilson

FD-IX has an on-net Internet Exchange node inside the H5 Datacenter at 1625 Rockwell Ave, Cleveland, OH. Our peering fabric currently has 1 Gig and 10 Gig peering ports available. Higher capacity ports are available at the customer’s request. Our PeeringDB link can be found at https://www.peeringdb.com/ix/2286 You can learn about the facility at:https://h5datacenters.com/cleveland-data-center.html #Cleveland…

Promoting the Use of Internet Exchange Points: A Guide to Policy, Management, and Technical Issues

By jwilson

Summary Internet Exchange Points (IXPs) are vital elements of Internet infrastructure that enable networks to exchange traffic with each other. Multiple Internet service providers (ISPs) can connect at a single IXP, creating the potential for a range of technical and economic benefits for the local Internet community. By keeping local traffic local and avoiding international…

ISPs: How an exchange can benefit you

By jwilson

If you are an Internet service provider who has more than one peer having an IX in your mix can greatly benefit you in several ways. First of all, Justin did an article on Enterprise vs ISP networks. Lots of good context in there. If you are an ISP with multiple backbone providers you should,…

Seeking Automation Contractor

By Mike

We at Fiber Data Internet Exchange have seen a lot of activity in the automation space. Our problem has been that we don’t have time to learn automation to then take a lot of the workload off of our hands. It’s a classic catch-22. We’re now seeking someone familiar with one of the many automation…