Welcome AS19009 to Cleveland


Welcome Everstream AS19009 to our Cleveland peering fabric #keeptrafficlocal #h5 #peering #ohio #ix #Cleveland

Welcome AS19009 to Cleveland2021-03-01T19:34:57+00:00

Welcome AS63293 to Indy


Welcome to Welcome Facebook AS63293 to our Indianapolis peering fabric #facebook #peering #keeptrafficlocal #indianapolis

Welcome AS63293 to Indy2021-03-01T19:35:12+00:00

The IX Power of Aggregation


As more and more of the population work from home, Internet service providers (ISPs)

The IX Power of Aggregation2021-01-18T21:04:10+00:00

Texas-IX announces new node inside H5 100 Taylor in San Antonio


www.texas-ix.co FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE                                    Contact: Texas-IX                                                                                             Phone: 317.644.2224e-mail: peering@fd-ix.com Texas IX announces new node

Texas-IX announces new node inside H5 100 Taylor in San Antonio2020-11-06T03:45:05+00:00

Benefits of joining FD-IX


Lower LatencyMarketplace for membersShorter internet pathsMore Secure, fewer hopsIncreased ReliabilityLess Expensive per megTraffic stays

Benefits of joining FD-IX2020-10-05T19:46:31+00:00
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