2016 has shown great growth for us here at MidWest-IX. We have brought on new peers such as Netflix, Hurricane Electric, and others.  Currently, we are flowing over 4 gigs of traffic at peaks across the Indianapolis fabric.  This is 4 gigs of lower latent and less congested traffic that would otherwise be transported to Chicago or Cincinnati and back.  This is great news for networks on the exchange.

As we grow, we are expanding into other markets we realize the name “MidWest Internet Exchange” does not reflect a global brand.  Over the past several weeks we have slowly been introducing our new name and Logo, FD-IX. FD-IX stands for Fiber Data Exchange.  We see this as our global brand moving forward.  This is a change in name only. We still have the same people, same network, and same great service.  Existing MidWest-IX e-mails and contact information will still work for clear into the future.  You will just see the FD-IX branding become more and more prevalent in things we do.

What does this mean for customers? Starting in early 2017 you will see the FD-IX name, web-site, and branding start to appear on billing and other correspondence alongside MidWest-IX. For new markets, such as Houston, and others planned for 2017 we will be solely using the FD-IX name.  This is more in line with our global brand strategy.

As always, if you have any questions please contact us at www.fd-ix.com (both go to the same place).  Enjoy the new year!

Thank You from the FD-IX team,